Lindos, built under the clif-rock of its Acropolis and at a distance of 48 kilometres southeast of Rhodes, is today a very attractive, picturesque, large and well-visited village-town. Its name also dates to the pre-Hellenistic era but its origin cannot be accurately explained. Lindos used to be one of the three most ancient and great states of Rhodes. Initially it was smaller, both in size and power, than Kamiros and Ialyssos. All the same, during the Middle Ages it was the most important centre of the island. It was the greatest power in the Aegean sea region, leading the way in almost every field. Vessels, merchandise, alliances and delegations used to focus on Lindos from every point of the Mediterranean sea, factors that contributed further to its development. Nowadays, Lindos belongs to >the Municipality of Lindos and its population totals 910 inhabitants. It has been developed into a tourism resort area that attracts more visitors than any other place in Rhodes. In the area, along its winding, cobble-stoned streets, there are gift shops, cafeterias, bars, restaurants, museums, banks and a police station.
Entering the village town one can see a fountain and a huge, impressive sycamore tree. As mentioned, a rather characteristic element of the area are the narrow alleys, the white-washed traditional houses with pebble stone yards, the heavy metal railings on the balconies and the brown shutters. Some of the buildings even date to the 15th century. Finally, the sandy beach of Lindos is at a distance of only two kilometres. There, several small tavernas offer traditional cuisine, while there are also a number of sea sport facilities. A little port at the rear side of Lindos got its name from Saint Paul, for that is the place where the Apostle disembarked upon his arrival in Rhodes. Lindos is very near the villages of Lardos, Pefki and the area of Vlycha.

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